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VOYAGERS 2022 Spanish Camino adventure: Feedback from participants

VOYAGERS Spanish Camino Climate-Tech Adventure, September 2022

Photo gallery from 2022 adventure

•Thank you for sharing an amazing adventure with me. From misty paths across the hilly forests to scenic lookouts above the cloud-filled valleys, I felt like a hobbit among a fellowship of newfound friends. You arranged an inspiring group of Climate VOYAGERS to share an unforgettable experience with – such friendly, thoughtful and ambitious company. The trip was really valuable – I learned lessons from fellow founders and investors. — BC

•This was an awesome event. Amazing group of interesting, talented people, never had a dull conversation. And bonus: got lots of exercise! I will definitely do more VOYAGERS trips. I bet a bunch of deals will come out of this one. — JA

•It was an incredible trip – something to remember for life! Such a rich set of people and incredible stories. I learned a lot and definitely want to be part of the next incredible event. — SJ

•So much inspiration and wonderful new connections. — JD

•Pure gold. Amazing people and super well organised. Wonderful discussions, new friends, and helpful connections.— PM

•Wonderful trip, expectations firmly exceeded. A quite extraordinary experience with such universally inspiring individuals. I know I’m not alone in walking away in awe of the generosity, humility and energy of everyone in the group. — HM

•Thank you for putting so much care into this phenomenal event. — WR

•Such a magical adventure! Thank you for the incredible company, new friends and joyful memories. Feeling inspired, energised and grateful. — BB

•This group gives me hope for the state of the world. — AN

•I haven’t experienced something like this with such remarkable human beings for a long time. Stay hopeful and inspiring! — DG

•The open and humble nature made me feel welcome quickly. You have set the bar very high. — DO

•An absolutely incredible time! Everything is so well thought-through, it was just a pure joy. — SN

•Such a memorable experience with such a fantastic group. — AV 

•A truly special few days. I came away with a lot of hope that we can tackle the climate crisis. — DW

•Wonderful. I’m filled with ideas and supercharged with optimism after meeting so many fantastic people. — JK

•Amazing time and experience — inspiring, positive, energetic people who are actively working on leaving a better footprint in our world. — BG

•A great experience. Amazing venues, logistics, activities and more importantly: people! Looking forward to the many tangible and intangible outcomes of all the connections made and ideas exchanged, and to the next adventures! — BJ

•Such a wonderful trip with fascinating people. — NP

•A fantastic weekend and such an interesting group. — NS

•A lovely trip and fantastic group of people. I came away quite energised. — SM

•An awesome experience … an amazing opportunity. — MM

•An amazing trip — a group of humble, creative and ambitious individuals. — DA 

•It was an awesome trip with extraordinary people! Every single one was extraordinary, and each detail was organised perfectly well. — MB

•A wonderful mosaic of exercise, energy, ideas, exploration and generosity. Kudos to team VOYAGERS for curating us and showing us how it’s done. — AB

•A stunning experience. — RM

•It was not just networking, but truly connecting — which is very rewarding. — WR

•You curated magic, humility and empathy over mere functional networking in a way that I haven’t experienced before. Thank you! — BJ

•Amazing! Very impressed by the community. — YD