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Local Chapters

We organise regular get-togethers, from drinks and dinners to meetups and all sorts of group activities to build local connections among our community. All are run at cost. We coordinate these via local WhatsApp groups where we share invitations. To join a local group, you need to be in the VOYAGERS Climate-Tech or Health-Tech communities, or have participated in a VOYAGERS adventure.

The list of VOYAGERS chapters:



•Los Angeles
•New York

•San Francisco / Bay Area
•Tel Aviv

•United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Our local chapter leads

VOYAGERS also has the privilege to rely on a team of dedicated local ambassadors who help us with ongoing activities. They act as main point of contact in local cities both for existing VOYAGERS or prospective ones, help us coordinate local get-togethers and share feedback with us on how we can keep improving member experience.

Interested to get involved locally? Reach out to our ambassadors.

Ariadna Maso ( Bio )
Barcelona 🇪🇸

Paula Bekinschtein ( Bio )
Cambridge 🇬🇧

Cimberley Groß ( Bio )
Berlin 🇩🇪

Edo Perry ( Bio )
Tel Aviv 🇮🇱 / SF Bay Area 🇺🇸

Oliver Yorke ( Bio )
Copenhagen 🇩🇰

Maria Barklund ( Bio )
Stockholm 🇸🇪

Shwen Gwee ( Bio )
Boston 🇺🇸

John Klepper ( Bio )
Zurich 🇨🇭

Alex Murray ( Bio )
Cambridge 🇬🇧

Meryem Ben Mouaz
( Bio )
Paris 🇫🇷

Tarvo Kärgenberg
( Bio )
Tallin 🇪🇪

Eran Sandhaus
( Bio )
SF / Bay Area 🇺🇸

Terence Tan
( Bio )
Singapore 🇸🇬

Louiza Chitour
( Bio )
UAE 🇦🇪