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VOYAGERS 2021 Douro adventure: Feedback from participants

Photo gallery from 2021 adventure

•Thank you for this extraordinary weekend, and for including me in the VOYAGERS community. I really admire what you are setting out to do, and the way you are driving towards achieving it. I’m smiling with exhaustion. A great example in making success look simple. — DW

•I feel very privileged to have shared a wonderful weekend in such amazing and inspiring company. — AC

•A crazy, extraordinary and probably unforgettable production. I’m sure the good you are doing will come back to you — thank you for the amazing time and experience.  — EN

•Amazing curation of the people you brought together. — SG

•I loved every moment of it. — IS

•You quickly created a circle of trust and high engagement. You put your heart and full energy into this and it showed. — DW

•You enabled trust, deep and honest conversation, and a very quick sense of connection with people who were literal strangers a couple days earlier. To that in such a short time is awesome! — MI

•This was truly unique, inspirational and amazing. There was no detail that was not addressed. My expectations were high and they were outrageously exceeded! — SM

•Everything was planned to a fantastic level of detail, and not having to worry about making any decisions was brilliant. — JN

•Good wine, great food… Amazing and inspiring community and friends, perfect Location! — RN

•A remarkably well done, wonderfully organised and professionally staffed adventure. Just top rate all around. I’m grateful to be a part of it. — JR

•I came with high expectations, and you managed to beat them. Congratulations on an experience well organised! — DG

•A wonderful few days. What a winning formula you have. — PE

•So magical. — KB

•You have inspired me in many ways and I come away form this weekend invigorated. — AR