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Iceland feedback

Some feedback from the VOYAGERS Adventure in Iceland in October 2019:

“A huge thank you. I just had the most wonderful time. The volcano, hikes, swims, floating, the food, wine. Everything was brilliant. The whole thing was organised so so well, it was seamless and just so easy for us all to gain the most out of both Iceland and the group. I’ve made amazing connections, learnt a great deal and thoroughly enjoyed myself.” — JD, UK

“Seamless organisation that flowed extremely well; a great deal of thoughtfulness about how to get the guests interacting and with the widest variety of different attendees. Many moments of feeling that I was connecting emotionally or intellectually with decent, interesting, curious people.” — DL, UK

“The incredible quality, depth and diversity of participants even within the same industry; very smooth organisation and support throughout; felt confident and like I could 100% trust all aspects of the trip. Unforgettable learnings.” — LC, Portugal

“Thank you so much for these magical moments you created. It takes a lot to reach that level of perfection. The secure environment you managed to create, leading people to being vulnerable and share. The mix of people you brought together. All senses stimulated  — views, music, food, wine, touch, making it a truly unique experience.” — HG, UK

“Thanks for the wonderfully curated group and tour, very grateful for being part of it. I’m amazed by the depth of relationships and trust forged in a day or two.” — RC, Israel

“What a wonderful adventure this has been, transformational in so many ways. I feel very grateful for being invited. Looking forward to this being just the beginning.” — MP, UK

“Thank you all for an amazing experience! It’s obvious that a lot of work went in to making this such a great experience for us to share.” — CT, Denmark

“The group you brought together was incredibly inspiring, thought-provoking and generous. I’ve made many good friends who I’ll be in touch with for years to come and hopefully one or two investors. You guys are incredible!” — SM, USA

“Amazing. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.” — EV, Switzerland

“I wanted to thank you very much for letting me be part of this experience and meet amazing people working on highly inspiring projects.” — MPL, Peru

“Thanks again for the invitation and for the great event! Some of the contacts are very promising.” — VS, Israel

“We traversed mountains, some of which from within – imagine going 120 meters *into* the heart of a volcano! We floated in warm geothermal springs, we had delicious meals… But the amazing part was that this was all done while having a lively discussion about our ventures in healthcare, our challenges and learnings. David Rowan and his team have created the best networking environment one can hope for. We had so much FUN! This is something you don’t get in any conference. It is a perfect way to combine business and pleasure with an opportunity to learn from others.” — RW, Israel

“Amazing, amazing trip — really can’t thank you enough.” — HB, UK

“Thank you again for having me. Unsurprisingly it was a high-quality event and thoroughly worthwhile few days. A great group of people and enough time to make real connections.” — DVL, USA

“Thank you so much! I am so glad I contacted you, and that I finally decided to go. I met amazing people and saw amazing things (wow that trip will be hard to top!).” — AS, Spain 

“All 45 people were interesting, creative individuals, and very pleasant to be around. The itinerary was fun and well-planned to make the most out of our time. Overall, it was an incredible adventure, and it is clear that a vast amount of creativity, care and effort were put into curating it.” — RR, Israel

“The range and variety of people… by age, geography, and pursuit. The detailed planning. The atypical, curated activities. Opportunities to break into smaller groups as well as full group activities. The feel of quality without being ostentatious.” — SB, USA