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VOYAGERS Iceland Climate-Tech Adventure: Feedback from participants

Some feedback from VOYAGERS’ Iceland Climate-Tech Adventure in May 2023:

•This was one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. — EK

•A truly wonderful experience which I’ll forever be fond of. I made some great new friends, had some amazing conversations, and came away feeling enriched (if not a little tired!). — HG

•Flawless planning and relaxed execution. — SD

•What a fantastic and inspirational trip. I had the best time. — CM

•I feel so fortunate to have been able to spend time with such an amazing, talented, and inspirational group of people. A spectacular time with great new friends. — NR

•Wow, wow, wow! Thank you. Wonderful. The attention to detail, carefree schedules, and, most importantly, the presence of super inspiring humans made it absolutely amazing.  I’m sincerely grateful for every moment we experienced together. — DG

•Just when one can’t think of how to make these adventures any more amazing, the VOYAGERES crew manages to take the experiences, the connections and friendships they bring further! — AV

•Such good energy, so many lessons, so many new friends. — DS

•So many ambitious, interesting and incredible lovely people sharing their dreams and stories… even the most embarrassing ones. How inspiring was that! — AA

•It was an epic trip with a fascinating, kind and open group of people. — RD

•Thank you for creating these wonderful experiences and bringing people together in this way. It’s a real privilege. I think the whole trip was absolutely terrific. Every moment of it. — SP

•What a great way to make new friends, from other young entrepreneurs to seasoned entrepreneurs and all types of investors, they all had something unique to bring to the group. — TG

•An awesome experience with a group of amazing people. — JH