Future Adventures

August 22-25 2021

On August 22-25 2021 (Sunday to Wednesday), for the second year, we’re taking two groups of 40 people to experience the magnificent chaos that is the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We’ll take over a beautiful 18th-century castle outside Edinburgh with connections to Mary Queen of Scots, so that we have an oasis of calm to return to after each day’s cornucopia of performances. We’ll use our arts-media network to get tickets to shows that stimulate and intrigue, but we’ll also make time for spontaneity, for you to find and drop into some of the off-beat, unique offerings that make the fringe so special. Our team has designed this adventure to balance the guided and critically filtered with the utterly unpredictable, so you experience the festival at its best.


For three days (Thursday to Sunday), Voyagers.io will bring together 40 exceptional individuals working on climate-tech projects for a special weekend adventure in the Swiss Alps. This is a not-for-profit weekend, intended to bring together people using tech to solve problems ranging from carbon sequestration and energy storage to new alternatives to plastics. The group will be a diverse group of startup founders, investors, researchers and regulators from a wide geography.

September 23-26 2021

After an epic 2019 VOYAGERS weekend here, we’re returning for a carefully designed harvest-time adventure in the stunning wine country of northern Portugal’s Douro valley. Most participants will be members of the VOYAGERS Climate-Tech community. From Thursday to Sunday (four days and three nights), forty-five people will share a memorable bonding weekend actively participating in the wine harvest — picking grapes, treading them with our bare feet, and especially tasting the award-winning results as we get to enjoy the finest wines of the region. The mission is to use these shared experiences to enable (meaningful) friendships — connecting people across geographies and industries to be there for each other and solve some of the group’s challenges. Because magic can happen when stories are shared and trust is built.

August 2-5 2021

VOYAGERS will take 45 amazing people on an Italian Palazzo Adventure, for the second year. Based in a historic palace in Petritoli, Le Marche, we will spend three intense days truffle-hunting, mountain-biking, snow hiking, pasta-making, wine-sampling, clock-tower climbing, Werewolf-playing, speakeasy-embracing, town-square dancing, opera-house performing, storytelling and generally building a warm friendship group.

September 16-19 2021

Voyagers will bring together 50 people working in health-tech and life-sciences for a four-day adventure in Galicia, northern Spain. This is a not-for-profit long weekend, bringing together startup founders, investors, and researchers working on the latest advances in healthcare. We asked 2019’s participants: “Overall, how would you rate the adventure on a scale from 0 [worst] to 10 [best]?” Their average score was 9.2 out of 10.